Our experience and tools allow us to create a variety of marks on all types of metals.

  • MOPA fiber lasers are ideal for all metals.
  • Picosecond and UV lasers are available for specialized metal marking applications

Marking Metal

Metal is our favorite material to mark.

Our laser systems and technology can mark all metals with the right technique for your application. Use a laser engraver for metal to mark stainless steel, steel, titanium, aluminum, cast iron, brass, copper, nickel plated, galvanized, and more.

Stainless, Titanium, or Aluminum — It’s Not a Problem.

Steel and stainless steel are easily marked using a wide variety of techniques. 

  • Anneal stainless steel to create black surface marks.
  • Deep engrave steel using high powered fiber lasers.

Recommended Solutions for Metal

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5-Step Guide to Laser Engraving Metal

If you’re wondering how to use a laser engraver and what goes into the process, you’re not alone. The good news is operating a laser engraver is fairly simple with the right training. In no time at all, you’ll be able to make clean, clear marks and engravings on all of your products.

Color Laser Marking on Metal

One of the ways to utilize laser marking is to add striking colors to your metal products. Our systems are adept at color laser marking and color laser engraving on metals, delivering beautiful results that make your products and components stand out.

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Since we plugged it in it’s been working non stop. Cut our production engraving times in half!

Michael Sigouin, Blowndeadline Custom Cerakote

It has been one of the best purchases we have ever made.

Adam Spiess, AMS Seals Inc

The lasers we have purchased from Tykma are very well engineered and nicely finished products.

Arthur Jones, Director of Manufacturing, Royal Products

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